Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham • Clinical Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

Do You Still Think There Is No Relief Available For Your Biggest Fear Or Phobia?

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham • Clinical Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

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Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford

You probably know that there are a lot of conditions that people simply accept that there is no cure or relief available and they remain stuck with them for the rest of their life.

Fear and phobias of all kinds frequently fall into this category. As you are reading these words, you realise that you probably lived with your fear or phobia for as long as you can remember and rarely challenged it, but instead just accepted it for what it is.

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford

Have you noticed yet how uncomfortable and draining fear or phobia is, causing you unnecessary suffering?

Can you recall the time in your life when your unpleasant fear or phobia stopped you from doing a crucial task or activity?

Or maybe you only did it because you had no other choice and this left you even more frightened of it as a result?

Perhaps you can remember the time when it restricted you from taking part in a fun and enjoyable experience? You are annoyed with yourself for reacting to your fear or phobia as you do but you just can’t help it.

And as you are thinking about those past experiences you become very interested in finding the relief from the brutal dread and unnecessary horror.

No one, including you, is born with a fear of darkness, dentist, public speaking, elevators, flying, exams, spider or such.

Did you know that we are born with only two fears – the fear of falling and loud noises?

Our subconscious mind simply learned the rest from experiences and deeply remembered them.

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

Stop and think for a moment – if you simply learned the phobia and remembered it by your mind, then that means that you can do the exact opposite, unlearn and make your fear or phobia a thing of the past. 

Imagine what would it be like not to be stuck with your ruthless fear or phobia forever?

How much healthier, calmer and more composed would you feel? 

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford“I used to drive as a confident driver, but then 5 years ago I developed what I can only describe as a “phobia .” I visited Vaiva at her Cheltenham practice and having had 2 sessions with her I have started driving again. I am so relieved and happy. I would like to thank her so very much for this, and urge anyone with a phobia of any kind to get in touch with her and make an APPOINTMENT!” – With thanks Mrs R. S.Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

So many people that relate to these various types of fears and phobias have unconsciously developed them, usually due to a one particular incident happening when the person was a young child with the most common age being around five years old.

Complex phobias (agoraphobia, social phobia), however, tend to develop during adulthood and are often associated with a deep-rooted fear or anxiety about a particular situation or circumstance.hypnotherapy gloucestershireFear and phobias are also learned from parents, older siblings or friends. You are probably beginning to see by now how a parent who runs screaming out of the room every time a spider appears can affect the young child? The subconscious mind will connect the two and expect the child to be terrified too whenever a spider is present.

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Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham • Clinical Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

Because Hypnotherapy is Powerful, It Will Help You Overcome The Fear Or Phobia Of:

Flying, Driving And Driving Exams, Elevators, Spiders, Snakes, Dogs, Pigeons, Taking Tests And Exams, Public Speaking And Presentations, Hospitals, Dentist, Needles, Darkness, Thunder And Lighting, Sex And More

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Now I would like to help you experience hypnotherapy, a safe, proven and natural drug-free method that has a high success rate helping people overcome their biggest phobias once and for all.

You probably already know that hypnotherapy deals with the underlying cause.

To successfully eliminate the cause of fear or phobia, I use an approach tailored to individual needs. The unconscious memory which is holding the phobic sensations and reactions is accessed and subsequently adjusted to put the memories causing the fear or phobia into perspective without having you to re-live the initial trauma or upset.

Isn’t it amazing how hypnotherapy cures the phobias and achieves great results even if you cannot consciously remember the exact incident that led to a life-long fear or phobia?

Just imagine what it would be like if you too could make that change and overcome long-lasting fear or phobia.

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford

Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham • Hypnology Clinical Hypnotherapy Cheltenham

There are two main types of phobias:

Specific or simple –  related to a particular object, animal or natural phenomena.

Common examples of simple phobias include animal phobias, environmental phobias, situational phobias, bodily phobias and sexual phobias.

Agoraphobia – a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult, or that help wouldn’t be available if things go wrong.

Sufferers avoid situations such as being alone outside of the home, traveling in a car, bus, or airplane, being in a crowded area, being in enclosed spaces such as shops and cinemas, or being on a bridge or in an elevator.

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I DO NOT use the behavior therapy called ‘Flooding Phobia Treatment’ where a forced, prolonged exposure to the actual stimulus that provoked the original trauma is used.

I DO NOT expose clients to the object of their phobia! The clients always test results when they feel ready to do so.

I DO NOT keep spiders or snakes or such in the consultation room or anywhere near it!

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Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Cheltenham Hereford

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*Results vary from individual to individual. Like with any other therapy, the outcome of fear and phobias hypnotherapy sessions cannot be guaranteed.